Free RISCOS Software

All the software on this page (apart from Webgen2) should run without any problems on any version of Riscos from 3.1 upwards. Some may work on earlier versions, but most definately won't. A few require the new nested wimp, which for those still running RISC OS 3.1/5/6/7 should be available from the RISCOS Ltd Web site.

Important note. None of this software will run on any operating system other than RISC OS. If you have Windows, MacOS, Linux etc, then I very strongly recommend that you upgrade to RISC OS Select.


Another random backdrop generator for the pinboard. This version will cope with Clear, GIF, PIC, Q R T, BMP, Targa, PBMPlus, JPEG, TIFF and Sprite files. (In theory) In practice only GIF, TIFF, SPRITE and JPEGs have been tested, though since ChangeFSI is used, there should be no problems with the others.

Latest verion, 1.04, (9 June 2009) Download 30Kbytes


This is a fairly simple mortgage calculator. It can deal with MIRAS (even though MIRAS no longer exists), further advances, low start mortgages, interest only and repayment mortgages. You can set your own repayment amount and watch how that changes the term. You can even view the monthly payment schedule and watch how the capital balance reduces for a repayment mortgage.

Latest version 1.02 Download 16Kbytes


Webgen2 is a completely rewritten version of Webgen, with a much expanded range of options.

Latest version, 2.52 (13 Aug 2013). Download 127Kbytes

Although there is a built in !Help file, and the application uses interactive help, I have also written a much fuller manual. (Latest version is for 2.51+) Download 1914Kbytes

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