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photography, photographic, fotografic, modelling, model, glamour, fashion, page3, young, portfolio, agency, cannon, eos, studio I have had 35mm SLR cameras for many years. Until 1998 these were Olympus OM10's which served me very well for over fifteen years. During late 1997 I started to take up photography rather more seriously, and it soon became apparent that these cameras, although excellent for beginners and occasional users as I had been, were not really suitable for the work I was now doing. With this in mind, and after consulting a friend, I decided to plump for the Canon EOS range. I started with a 500N and a 1000FN, but it very quickly became obvious that even the 1000FN wasn't really suitable, particularly as it was second hand, and showed it by having a hot shoe that didn't work, so this was replaced by an EOS 5. During 2000 Canon announced two new cameras: a replacement for the fully professional EOS 1N, called the EOS 1V; and a digital SLR, the D30. Both of these were added to my collection in place of the 500N. Due to a slight accident in 2003 I had to replace my D30, so I traded in my Eos 5 and D30 for a 10D. I'm now looking enviously at the 1Ds (Mark III), which is a fully professional digital cameras based on the 1V. Unfortunately though, it has a price tag of over £5000, so I'll probably restrict myself to the 5D Mark II. Maybe!

Reflections Photographic was born out of the desire to try and make a small amount of money out of my photography, or at least, to try and offset some of the costs, because it is unlikely I could ever make a living out of it; I spend too much on the photographs I want to take! Almost exclusively, my photography now is a combination of portrait, fashion, glamour - including classical nude - and similar styles, though I have also done some weddings and a couple of family portraits. Most of this is done either at Geos Imaging in Newport in Gwent, or at the now defunct Catchlight photography, in the West Midlands. As well as the studio work, I have been to Ibiza a few times with Sunbird to photograph models in very different settings.

In case you think I only photograph pretty young ladies, there are also two of my favourite little boys on the site.

All of the photographs on this site were taken by me, and are copyrighted as such. Most were scanned from negative or slide on an Epson FS200 film scanner, the remainder, generally the earlier ones, on a HP Scanjet4C flatbed scanner. David Pillings TWAIN drivers, and Spacetech's PhotoDesk3 software were used to tweak, crop and clean up the images before converting to JPEGS for displaying here. Very recent stuff, including the Ibiza 2001 stuff onwards, is now all taken using the digital camera.
None of these photo's are for sale, and the thumbnail images here are all that's available on line. There are no larger versions.

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